Medellín Summer Camp

My job right now is to keep these kids alive and entertained. My Spanish is barely passable, I have a horrible sense of direction and I know nobody here, so it’s more challenging than it would be normally, but we manage. In fact, we are having a blast! (Interspersed with moments of utter despair!  More on that later.)

Taxi rides are an adventure. Of course we have no car seats. So long, five point harness! Booster shmooster. Hey, we don’t even need seat belts.

We took flight for a few moments during this ride! Sam is in heaven.

The entertainment continues even when not in motion. Get this- when you’re stopped at a light breakdancers might come out of nowhere and dance between the cars. I am in heaven.

And then there’s this guy…

Aiden was very impressed by the craftsmanship of his robot suit.

And where are we headed? To the pool! Lots of buildings here have pools but unfortunately ours does not. I am not ready for the public pool – gringa please. So, it’s off to the hotels.

The Medellin Royal charges for non-guests to use the pool but they didn’t really follow up with us while we were there. We had the place to ourselves.

Boys and many Batmen

At the Dann Carlton I asked if I could have a drink by the pool while the kids swam. They didn’t ask if I was a guest. It’s hard to feel bad about it because again, we had the place to ourselves.

Would you kick that kid out of the pool?!

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