A Look Back at the North American Adventure

The summer trip back to North America was monumental.  I dragged those kids all over the place and managed to fit in most of the iconic summer experiences; swimming holes, sparklers, bonfires, cousins, berry picking, no bedtime, and the Jersey Shore. You’re welcome, kids. We covered a lot of ground.  I was really worried about traveling solo with those boys; one who tortures his brother for sport, and the other too large to pick up, but young enough to refuse to move when angry. Of course, I was worried about the wrong things.  The real problem was that every stop along the way was their favorite; the place they wanted to live forever. My happy, bilingual children forgot their Spanish and begged to move to Maryland/Vermont/Toronto/Rachel’s basement, etc.  Aiden had to be forcibly removed, sobbing, from his favorite climbing tree in Takoma Park. Oops, sorry kids. I hadn’t considered that possibility. Fortunately, children are seriously adaptable, at least at ages 8 and 4, and they seem to have recovered and reintegrated back into life in Colombia.

Here is a look back at our 5 week tour…

It started with Kiera’s wedding in Long Island. Kiera traveled from Australia with her 10 week old baby and 9-year-old stepson from Australia for her wedding, which made me feel like what I was embarking on was really no big deal.

We got up at 4 AM for a 6AM flight to DC. I enjoyed a brief moment of peace and brotherly love.


We stayed in Takoma Park for 2 days, saw our neighborhood friends, our house (met the new Aiden who lives there) and went to the July 4th parade.

Patriotic child tries out new gelato shop

Patriotic child tries out new gelato shop

Aiden wanted to move back to Takoma Park immediately. I forced him into the car and made a lot of promises of more playdates in Colombia.  And then we headed off to Charlottesville, VA to see Rachel, Ben and their twins Malcolm and Gideon.

Selfies on the way back from the pool:


From Charlottesville, we drove to Gettysburg, PA to see my childhood friend Corinne (formerly known as Brooke). She has 2 kids, 3 horses, 2 dogs, chickens, roosters, a barn, a pickup truck, and a creek. Obviously the boys wanted to live there forever.

From there we drove back to DC, dropped off the rental car and flew to Vermont.

Hello Lake Champlain

Hello Lake Champlain

The weather was uncharacteristically gorgeous (front page news in the Burlington Free Press) and the water was perfect.

From VT, we borrowed Bill’s car and drove to Canada! We had a great time at the cottage with the family; kayaking, swimming, playing in the woods and learning about black flies and horse flies. And talking about Andrew because he wasn’t there. We also went to the Toronto Zoo, which Aiden has decided will be his employer one day.

Then back to VT for a few days, where the kids went to a half day art camp and I shopped like a crazy woman, buying sunscreen and goggles and tennis balls and all the random things that for some reason cost so much more in Colombia.

And finally, to the Jersey Shore!



Goodbye summer, back to the City of Eternal Spring.

2 Comments on “A Look Back at the North American Adventure”

  1. Carina says:

    Thanks for sharing the synopsis of your journey! You are a supermom. Can’t wait to see you again soon!!! Much love for you and your family coming from Vermont.


  2. Ellen says:

    I had no idea that you did ALL THAT before you go to Beach Haven. I’m amazed that you were actually still standing. I hope we can catch up in person the next time you are in the States.


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