The Colombian Adventure Continues!

We passed the one year mark in Colombia. The kids are back in school, making more friends and speaking Spanish pretty fluently. They have swimming and riding lessons, Aiden is playing baseball, we got a dog, a dentist, and a pediatrician (not in that order). I hired a tutor for Juan, found a good volunteer opportunity, and our Spanish is improving. We are hitting our stride! Or, we were. Andrew’s company decided this was a good time to pull the plug on the Colombia office, which we obviously saw coming, but still… not cool.

Here’s how it went down, from a pseudo-outsider’s perspective: the boss called on Thursday night with the news; he asked the lawyer (secretary?) to make his hotel and taxi arrangements so he could come to Medellín and fire her and the rest of the staff. He arrived on Monday, gave everyone papers to sign and got on a plane back to Denver. Then he and his staff took over work for a client that Andrew found, which was due to start the following week and will likely lead to several million dollars in contracts. That’s business, I suppose. A business in which you compete with your own employees.

Andrew is moving on and pursuing his dreams of building an ethanol plant in Colombia, something he’s been working on for a few years, and we’re doing what we can to stay here until the end of the school year.  And now we embark on the second year of our Colombian adventure; 2 unemployed expats, 2 boys, a dog, and a cat try to make it in Medellín!  Stay tuned to see how it all works out.

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